About the Owners; Neil & Kathy

We always dreamed of having a lake house. By pure chance one day we came across a run down house on Lake Lure. Kathy went down there early the next morning to meet with the realtor. It was one of the typical Lake Lure early mornings. The faint mist covering the water had just lifted and the mountains on the opposite bank were reflecting in the water and met as two perfect images on the opposite bank. The lake was like a sheet of glass and the only sound was the gentle lapping of the water on our own private beach. We fell in love immediately. We put in a offer that day, knocked down the house and built a family getaway. Each of our children planned their own bedroom and we built a bunk room for the grand kids. We have 4 grown children, three grandchildren and a Saint Bernard, Bella. This is where we all come together as a family as often as we can because it is, as Kathy and I refer to it, our happy place. We hope it is that for you as well.

Neil and Kathy purchased the land in 2013 and built the house in 2015

Please note we do not accept:
- Pets

Neil Gurney